Friday, March 23, 2018 - 03:12 AM

Release of 21 shooting cesukunnaensiedisembar

Natural star Nani, the producer of hit films `emsie rupondutonnasinima dilraju combination. `Phida dilraju starred in the film as a heroine in Telugu audience emsielo sayipallavi bhanumatiga introduced.
It is in this film directed by Venu Sriram byanarphai Sri Venkateswara Creations. The shooting of the film will be released on December 21. The ...
Dilraju producer said - `` agast19ne our MCA announced that the movie will be released on December 21. Could not be reached despite the efforts to release on December 15. The film is going to be released on December 21.
The film, released in December karanamippatike our banner ceyalanukovadaniki Five films have been hits. I thought of all the highlights of the film to achieve a double hat-trick. We have, therefore, is slated for release in December from anukunnappati script. On December 21, as part of a double hat-trick of the movie will hit our banner.
Have a good relationship with family members of the middle class teenager. In general, the relations have been a lot of movies. But she spent, the relationship between film and calakalamaindi maridi. Save me the movie is playing.
The relationship between middle-class family, the drama is over. In addition, he will be a beautiful love story. Sayipallavi which pretends to be a heroine. Sayipallavi our banner featuring the image of the Father, naticadam big plus point of the film. Nani, the scenes between sayipallavila egjayit Audiences will get to see.
Villain of the film can be seen in Vijay Verma. All dimensions can be found in the film. Audience alredi own songs have been released. Devisriprasad very good music. On December 11, the trailer for this, is going to release a full audio.