Friday, March 23, 2018 - 03:16 AM

Akhil to 'Hello' hit istundantunna Nagarjuna

He's the King Youth priyadarsin heroine Kalyani Enterprises in association with Annapurna Studios and the 'we' fame Vikram K. Kumar directed and produced by Nagarjuna's family, a romantic action film 'Hello'.
The film is slated for the finished post-production activities. By high technical values ​​are the highest budget, 'Hello', the film will be released on December 22 in the screens of the highest worldwide. The 'Hello' to tell stories Chitra
Annapurna Seven Acres presmitni held in Hyderabad on December 6.
Nagarjuna's producer said - '' Hello ', the film will be released worldwide on December 22. Tijarki got extraordinary response.
This is a mood swing of us, came. U-tube, three to four days after the release of the digital media trailarki were hayyast views. Touch is up to 8 million. Expectations on the movie are Hai. Everyone will reach the definite expectations. We are very happy to see the film. ''
On 10 emjiem Vizag Ground audio !!
The film has music by Anoop Rubens Wonderful. As well as a re-recording was mind-blowing. Vizag on December 10 emjiem Ground audience, in the presence of 'Hello', the audio is going to very large scale.
He nearly two-hour-long live show, this function is going to dance and sing a song. Six hours of the start of the function, a very grand plan to have good visuals. Everyone wants to come to the function to be successful. ''
'Haloni respansbulitiga taken too !!
Kampliketed story too, 'we' are very simple and took a picture of Vikram. Fantastic Director. "Hello," When I heard the story of the most Exciting philayyam. We have to work on the script for 8.9 months. After the shooting, I will have to start to put a bound script.
Beautiful story, which is a romantic action. Vikram's film The Magic "is also halolo. He is the weight that should be a good film from the last two years. It seems that no matter how hard he saw the film. Me, amalato Priyadarshan's 'decision' was a movie.
He has been cast as a heroine Kalyani Priyadarshan their girl. Small co-incidence that the need to introduce English Kalyani Mother Lizhi me. Could not be reached. He is introduced to the girl in the film is quite happy being. Jagapati Babu ramyakrsna, Akhil mother and father portrayed characters.
Beautiful family, which is a romantic film. Action would have to be a mix. Action has to be a new kind of regular action. Hollywood stunt action sequence for the film was composed by a master bomb brown. Action has to be very realistic.
Action scenes shot for thirty days. First Time Hyderabad Metro, Krishna Rope tops shot on the action. Everything is very thrilling action episodes. Earlier Telugu cudanividhanga is on the screen. Especially small children will like better. Jackie Chan action comes to mind. 'We' who work piesvinod this film provided an exciting grand visuals. The screenplay is very simple to understand.
The equivalent of an Oscar in the same !!
You will not ever new general publicity. "Hello," One Minute Song, the film has been released. It got a good response. 4 Songs of 1 minute audio is going to release. December 18, 19, but the pre-release planning function in Hyderabad. He was in the US promotions.
When the Grand Prix will function. "Soggadi cinninayana 'Sankranthi picture did announce that on January 10 vastunnam. As well as the 'Hello' to the film in September also announces that on December 22, we had vastunnam. It will not be a big problem, even if the number of films released. Theaters are a lot of us. Five films are being released for Sankranthi.
However, there will not be much competition. Ended up in the film, except for the voice-over cast. Am very confident to see the film. I am very happy with the personal. 'We' I Enterprises, caitu, He would have three movies. Thus, according to the sentiment that "we" should have always been the banner. The film's spent is needed. ,
Appear on the screen every rupee spent. .. Among the highlights of this new kind of cinematic action, the scenes between mother and father and son for 15 years for a SOUL MATE a 'hello', lamented how the boy is looking forward to. These are points that provided the highlights of the film. 'Hello' at the sight of me, "began yadonki 'recall. This is the story of a single day.
The story takes place in the evening from 5.30 to less than seven-thirty this morning. He cudalanukunnano How do I "saw halolo. Akhilki my introduction to the film.
'We', the final image of my father. The film is a love heart popped the crowd. Oscar is the same for us. Vikram K-movie hero. We are planning a film directed by Kumar. I, Ram Gopal Varma film that has a scheduled finish. The film is well. Next is scheduled to start in January.